What grades does Santa Cruz Catholic School facilitate? SCCS educates PK3 – 8th Grade. What are the requirements for PK3 & PK4?  Each potential student must be fully potty-trained.  All families are required to take a tour and schedule a “Shadow” day for any prospective student. What is the Shadow program? The Shadow program allows any prospective student to spend the day as a “guest” at Santa Cruz C.S.  Children are paired up with current students based on gender, age, and current grade level.  This program allows the prospective student to experience our school personally, develop relationships with students and teachers prior to submitting any formal admission paperwork. What is Admission screening? While each prospective student is participating in the “Shadow” program at Santa Cruz C.S., each child undergoes basic admission screening and a teacher evaluation to assess if the student is a good candidate for our school.  This admission screening assists the school in identifying children with mental, behavioral, or learning disabilities that Santa Cruz C.S. cannot educate due to lack of resources and specialized personnel. What are the Admission Fees? $150 Application Fee – This is a non-refundable fee payable when child participates in the Shadow program. $400 Registration Fee – Payable and due with all Admission paperwork Does it child/family have to be Catholic to attend Santa Cruz Catholic School? No.  Here at SCCS we welcome all qualified children.  There is a difference in tuition fees for a Christian not registered in a Catholic parish within the Diocese of Austin. When is SCCS in session? Santa Cruz C.S. typically begins classes by mid-August and ends on the last week of May or first week in June. What hours are the children at school? Children begin their day at 7:45 AM with Morning Assembly.  Pre-K and Kinder children release at 3:05 PM and 1st – 8th Grade release at 3:15 PM. Does SCCS have After School Daycare? Yes, SCCS has an After School program.  Our school has classrooms dedicated for this service.  Children are separated by age and grade level.  In this after school program, children begin with an afternoon prayer, snack time and proceed with completing all homework prior to social time and/or play time. Our After School program is open till 6 PM, Monday – Friday. How early can I drop off my child at school? Children can be dropped off as early as 7:15 AM each day without incurring additional charges.  Families that need to drop off children earlier than 7:15 AM can drop off children as early at 6:30 AM.  Before School care begins at 6:30 AM and there is an additional fee for this service.